Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cynthia Rowley S/S 2012 Fashion Show

As I watched each guest arrived at Cynthia Rowley, expressions of excitement gleamed across their faces. The gold spikes blooming from the runway’s entrance sparked excitement in every person in the room. The glass runway looked delicate as we awaited for the start of what was a magnificent show. I looked at the sheet of paper stated, “The optical exuberance of gold. Flash mobs of floral and animated shapes. The thrill of adornment in forced perspectives.”
Before the show started, I envisioned bold floral prints, gold trimmings and a myriad of prints. As I saw the models walk gracefully down the runway, the silhouettes and the fun prints captured the essence of the feminine style that Cynthia Rowley so effortlessly embraces every season. Variations of tuxedo jackets were crisp all white with botanical prints, which are easily matched with red pants for a casual, stylish outfit. Athletic elements in the styles also complimented this collection. The different versions of mesh leather used for the tees and skirts were also something I thought was fun. The variety of materials and methods used for this show were truly inspiring!
This is my review for erinjeen!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mackage Spring/Summer 2012 Presentation.

When I looked at the garments worn at the Mackage SS12 Collection, I questioned the aesthetic of the fabrics that were used. It was used to construct clothes that were neither too girly or motorcycle edgy. Instead, they lie between those two styles by the method of tailoring used by Eran and Elisa. They played with light fabric such as satin and linen and made it look sharp. As I took a closer look, I loved the masculine twist some pieces showed. This is evident from the buckle detail on white leather shorts, distressed twill jacket with black leather cuffs, and smoke print sheer dress. Some showed more of a feminine, much softer characteristic especially from the pleated skirts and chiffon shirts.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sachin + Babi Spring/Summer 2012 Presentation.

Thanks to Erin, I was able to attend this presentation. The combination of the muted color palette along with the outbursts of metallics and bright colors gave this collection a fresh vibe. Hints of leather detailing were used to show contrast in pleated shorts, short sleeve shirts, and sleeveless dresses, just to name a few. Leather was applied as trim, embroidery-and showed texture when some were perforated. Lengths varied but mostly mid or floor length. overall, the collection was sharp and simple. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Artwork: Delmy of FashionBananas.

This is one of my most recent artwork. The medium that is used for this is watercolor, my inspiration behind it, like most of my other watercolor paintings, is with the use of subtle application of paint to have that whimsical overall effect. With the process of layering, I was able to make this painting "work" with the clashing pastel tones. 

(pictures taken by Fashionbananas)

Welcome back?

Well, hello there! It sure has been a while since I've taken my time to sit down and gather up thoughts about what to post next. Thinking about how much time has passed since my last post is pretty overwhelming. So much has changed emotionally and physically; but most importantly, my love for fashion has blossomed and changed over time... and I hope not adding posts in this blog for a while does not contradict that. Moving on, the summer vacation is coming to an end and although I did not go away for vacation, I loved being busy at work. It sure did help with making unnecessary purchases! Here are three shoes that I have recently bought and adore. Last but not least, the last picture I added is an oil painting I did of a landscape in Singapore from a few summer ago. Enjoy! xx

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rewind back to Marchesa Presentation Fall 2011

      Nothing is as strange as being late in posting subjects from events that occurred months ago. I'm here sitting in this kitchen, glancing at the time, and thought that "hey, maybe I should post those pictures I've been meaning to put up from the Marchesa show a long time ago." Being busy is never really "understood" until you sit down, relax and realize that, there's no time for everything. And that's what I've been struggling with. Besides procrastinating during free time, I'm sad to say that I've been extremely lazy with blogging. Maybe it's from the long hours spent at work, making up homework from school, or catching up with my sleep.

      Needless to say, I'm trying to get back on track with blogging- so here's a start of something new. I'm sure many of those who follow up with fashion have already been updated with this show. Being whimsical at it's best due to intricate embellishments and careful attention to fabric construction,  Keren and Georgina of Marchesa have once again outlined it's reputation of being one of the best in the fashion industry.

To get a closer look at the collection, check out this video I made from the presentation. Enjoy xx

Marchesa Fall 2011 Presentation from Jose Camacho on Vimeo.