Thursday, March 31, 2011

ACCEPTED: Fashion Institute of Technology

Hey Guys,

         I'm so thrilled to announce that I will be attending Fashion Institute of Technology this Fall 2011. My hard work has finally paid off and I am finally taking another big step into fulfilling my career as an aspiring designer. Waiting has been one of the most anxious filled highlight of the college process and it has also been tough the past few days, not knowing who's going to get accepted. Besides getting accepted, it's been difficult to accept the fact that people were getting accepted and a few of us haven't heard a response. But it's all over now- I hope the few of those who were not admitted continue to follow their dreams and aspirations and never dismiss the path that they have started. Good luck to everyone- and wish me luck!

Here are just a few photos I took while constructing my portfolio from months ago.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recap: Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

             Eviana Hartman’s presentation showed a well polished collection that was developed from eco friendly fabrics due to her sourcing of materials and production process. Her design aesthetic shows a clear understanding of effortless and easy-chic. The collection included comfortable cable knit cardigans, cashmere knits, and cotton jumpsuits. The quality of her workmanship includes details and attention to texture. Every piece looked good on it’s own and it versatile with any look. Besides the texture, The tailoring complimented the other pieces- take one of the blazers as an example.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recap: Rad Hourani Fall 2011

          The models looked futuristic and of course the clothes and the shoes portrayed a unisex look. The hair was perfectly slicked back giving them a fresh look. Men were seen walking down the runway (in leather heels) with skirts, but were constructed with an edgier vision. Hourani formed them with draped leather, heavy wool, and shiny fabrics- giving them a look from the future. Besides skirts, most of the men wore leggings, just like the women at the show. The womenswear was developed without accentuating their figure. They were much more structured and of larger sizes. Everything was created with geometric patterns, giving them a sculpted look. The placements of the zipper created shape and gave them a final touch that strengthened the dark beauty of the clothes.
(Photos by Jose Camacho)

Recap: G-Star Raw Fall 2011

Thanks to Christina of Profreshstyle, I was able to attend the G-Star Raw Fall 2011 Show in Lincoln Center. 

        G-Star Raw presented it's Fall 2011 collection with a distinct understanding of layering. The Palette ranged from dark denim blue, olive, and prints which looks derived from "camouflage" giving it a hint of military inspiration. We see tailoring to it's finest which were seen in the cropped jacket and pants. I loved that there were added applications of different fabrics such as leather on wool complimenting the different textures. Although the tailored silhouettes gave the women a bold masculine look, we still see the innocence and flirtatious vibe especially from the pleated skirt combo. 

(Photos by Jose Camacho)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recap: Study NY by Tara St James Fall 2011

       The presentation held by Tara St James during Fashion Week in Standard Hotel displayed a collection that had subtle earthy tones which were complimented by the abstract jewelry. From the blatant feminine cuts, we see an opposite masculine-tomboy-ish look, with the oversized blazers, cocoon-shaped jackets, and loose trousers. The asymmetrical wool jackets came in different bold dark tones and earthy hues. 

       The necklines has a sequel of different cuts- some displayed a conservative look while the rest had lower cuts that exemplified more of a flirty vibe. Besides the necklines seen in dresses and shirts, the collars also differed from the common symmetrical view. Some are buttoned down from the side and of the shoulder while the rest displays yet again an oversized cut which flowed smoothly down accentuating the beauty of the jacket. 

        The overall styling was another element that gave all the models a "slouched" appearance. The hair was polished parting to the side which were nicely held by thin headbands. As one takes a closer look at the jewelry, one might discover that the metallic pieces were somehow minimal yet bold in a way that the shape were slightly curved in different forms. When I kept circling around the models, I noticed that none of them were wearing heels. Instead they were standing comfortably in their Bass oxford shoes- this mixed well with every look, even the floor length dress!

(Photos taken by Jose Camacho)