Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flea Market on the Upper West Side.

       I love unexpected visits to flea markets- simply because "hidden treasures" can always be found. Whether it'd be from a vintage jewelry to discounted handbags or antique belongings to one-of-a kind garment, it never hurts to take a peek at it. Or does it? I found many pieces to be something that could have been entitled to be a part of my belonging. But some were quite expensive. 

Crafted "silverware"sculpted to support a placement for different types of stones.

Beaded jewelry that can simply transform and elevate any outfit to something more glamorous.

I love sea creatures, but this cost $26 just for the pendant. Sad to say that I was broke at the moment. It was either that or my Armadillo bag.

I adore harem pants especially when people can rock it with bold color tones and exotic prints.

My friend Flora and I discuss my purchase of an Armadillo bag made in Mexico.

Vintage bag from Saks Fifth Ave. made from ostrich leather.

My New Rings

Preppy with a twist of edgy-ness.

Before I broke my camera, I used to take pictures of people who I thought had nice outfits in the streets. Not that I’m never going to take pictures anymore, but at the moment I have NOTHING. I hope that will change soon though because I explained to my dad how much a camera means to a “blogger” which I would also call myself from now on. 
Here is a gorgeous lady who posed for me at Lincoln Center.

Farewell Junior Year.

Ange Ou Demon

This editorial from the Dress to Kill Magazine contained lots of lace, ruffles, and sheered garments that can make something look innocent or erotic depending on how the whole look is constructed. Jeanne Bouchard looked amazing with the light application of makeup and the voluminous clothes. Photos by Saad Al-Hakkak portrayed innocence with the soft adjustments of color tones. The collaboration of different garments by Fritz displayed a playful essence due to the different weight of the garments and its texture. 

Dolce And Gabbana Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Collection

Texture played a big role in the Dolce and Gabbana Spring Summer 2011 Collection. It was devoured with muted looks, but looked appealing with the right usage of fabric, texture, and alteration. It embodies the status of a classy man who is always ready to steal the spotlight. Different folds and immense layering was seen throughout the show. They played with the light and shadows the garments delivered. Accessories and bags were used to level up the sophistication. Thin belts that looked like rope combined with a darker belt with cutouts made it look like it originated from the West. Sunglasses were sculpted with different shades that delivered a bold effect to the garments. Fitted shirts definitely outlined the sexiness of the models- but in a sophisticated way of course. Whether it’d be paired with formfitting shorts, loose pants made with lightweight material, folded pants, or heavy white detailed jeans, everything about this collection was cohesive. 

Overlapping detailed cross hatching jacket with beige tones can dress any outfit up or down.

Bags that played with the hatching effects with a darker handle, sandals and the detailed belt makes one look like he’s ready to go to a beach or or a night out with friends.

Lightweight material constructed to make a shirt gives it more edge- yet its simple.

Going back to the bags, the shoes are also constructed with careful details and well thought out color tones- that makes it look extra chic.

Yuta Powell: Window Shopping

          Sorry for the really poor lighting, these pictures were taken at night so it was dimmed- and I wanted to increase the exposure. My thoughts toward the display were pretty much leaning towards the theme of safari. Its not really too much about the color tones, although there were lots of earth-toned materials. I thought of this because of the basic construction with a modern twist to it. 

Love the cinched detail in the middle. It gives texture that leads to the opening of the ivory cardigan. 

A basic white shirt is a must for the season. It can be dressed up or down depending on how the whole look is put together. The asymmetric skirt gives a nice effect to the whole look along with the loud necklace.

I adore the one side big detail that overlaps the top and the accessories.

Burberry Fall 2010 Campaign Preview

John Varvatos Mens SS 2011

          John Varvatos’ Collection delivered muted looks. the well polished and crisp look included few leather jackets ranging from deep tones to liquid metals. Cardigans were constructed with different materials- mostly light cotton. Blazers came from different hint of smokey grey effects. The collection develop lots of layering along with folder or rolled up pants which shows functionality. Side belts were used to finish the edgy look or replaced with fabric belt to add more fluidity.

All photos from sonnyphotos

Oh Hey Abbey.

Burberry Prorsum Mens S/S 2011

Christopher Bailey’s collection is filled with militaristic design aesthetic- with the color tones ranging from moss green, mocha, deep navy blue, caramel, grey, and of course everything between the solid and liquid charcoal/black. Love the leather, metallic details, mesh, and the shoes of course.

Photos taken from DesignScene