Monday, August 15, 2011

Artwork: Delmy of FashionBananas.

This is one of my most recent artwork. The medium that is used for this is watercolor, my inspiration behind it, like most of my other watercolor paintings, is with the use of subtle application of paint to have that whimsical overall effect. With the process of layering, I was able to make this painting "work" with the clashing pastel tones. 

(pictures taken by Fashionbananas)

Welcome back?

Well, hello there! It sure has been a while since I've taken my time to sit down and gather up thoughts about what to post next. Thinking about how much time has passed since my last post is pretty overwhelming. So much has changed emotionally and physically; but most importantly, my love for fashion has blossomed and changed over time... and I hope not adding posts in this blog for a while does not contradict that. Moving on, the summer vacation is coming to an end and although I did not go away for vacation, I loved being busy at work. It sure did help with making unnecessary purchases! Here are three shoes that I have recently bought and adore. Last but not least, the last picture I added is an oil painting I did of a landscape in Singapore from a few summer ago. Enjoy! xx