Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rewind back to Marchesa Presentation Fall 2011

      Nothing is as strange as being late in posting subjects from events that occurred months ago. I'm here sitting in this kitchen, glancing at the time, and thought that "hey, maybe I should post those pictures I've been meaning to put up from the Marchesa show a long time ago." Being busy is never really "understood" until you sit down, relax and realize that, there's no time for everything. And that's what I've been struggling with. Besides procrastinating during free time, I'm sad to say that I've been extremely lazy with blogging. Maybe it's from the long hours spent at work, making up homework from school, or catching up with my sleep.

      Needless to say, I'm trying to get back on track with blogging- so here's a start of something new. I'm sure many of those who follow up with fashion have already been updated with this show. Being whimsical at it's best due to intricate embellishments and careful attention to fabric construction,  Keren and Georgina of Marchesa have once again outlined it's reputation of being one of the best in the fashion industry.

To get a closer look at the collection, check out this video I made from the presentation. Enjoy xx

Marchesa Fall 2011 Presentation from Jose Camacho on Vimeo.