Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little monsters on Halloweekend.

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great halloween. This is my last halloween at LaGuardia Arts, and like always, we have our annual Halloween. I felt uninspired with what to wear until I saw my pile of fabric, and came up with this costume in at least ten minutes. I guess you can call it some kind of Roman Toga costume. I just draped it and sewed the sides, nothing too difficult. But I loved the way it draped gracefully especially from my shoulder. I just used my sister's ring to create that fluidity from the upper corner of my arms and used my bronze goldish scarf that I attached from the shoulder part and tied it to my waist. I  thought the length was appropriate, you know, to show some legs. :P And to finish it off, I wore a cuff and wedges.. I mean its halloween right? I changed to sandals later on during the day.

Roman/ Greek God?? This year
Candyman- Literally attached each piece of candy: 2 years ago
Boy Gaga (Crystallized glasses and discostick): Last year

Laguardia kids are always crazy when it comes to Halloween, especially with their hand-made costumes. These are just some photos that I took from facebook, Some are mine and some are others (Caitlin, Janet, Gabby, Talia, Isabella, etc) and my friends Sydney and Audrey, check them out!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

nothing but a big mystery.

I can't really say I had the most productive weekend, but I was glad to have done a few things, until there were more. I went to the FIT Open House yet I wasn't at the Teen Vogue University presentation. I'm preparing a portfolio yet I'm not sure of what's to come. I got some swatches yet they're not 2 x 2 inches. I just finished my AP Art History museum report and Psychology paper yet I haven't even started on my Government paper. I found my sister's curtain that I lost more than a year ago yet I still have not finished sewing it. 

Life is seriously nothing but a big mystery. No??

Here I'm at central park during my senior class portrait, I'm wearing a shirt from Gap, thrifted scarf and jeans, Aldo boots, and necklace from some flea market in Soho.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lets go Ladies.

Just thought I'd share a few swatches that I really enjoyed when I went to Mood yesterday with my friend Alexa in preparation for our fashion portfolio. Just a few weeks away, and I'll be attending an in-person interview/portfolio at FIT. SOOOO nervous!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crossing the street.

Lately, it's just been one of those days where I just wanted to look and feel comfortable with an oversized sweater, like here. I also like rolling up the sleeves a little bit and to finish it off, I wore a chunky knitted scarf and chunky gray socks with my boots. Man those boots are getting worn out, but I really like it even though I've had it since the beginning of junior year. 

I love being near the school area, except when its dismissal and all the security guards are pushing you away from the streets. But it looks completely empty here, mainly because we moved away from the crowd. Before I fall asleep, tomorrow's LGBT Spirit Day and for those who are unaware of that specific event, it's just to show the importance of being an individual and feeling good about who you are as a person, despite all the negative comments. So many people are going to dress up in purple attires, and hopefully everyone willg do it for the meaning of it and not another "just because everyone else is doing it."

I just took this from a facebook group "On the LGBTQ flag, purple represents spirit. Let's all wear Purple in spirit of those missed LGBTQ boys and girls that have taken their own lives due to homophobic abuse at home or in school."

Photos taken by a very close friend of mine, Sydney.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things have a way of working out when you least expect it.

I promised you guys black and white photos that I associate with daily in my room so I'm taking this time to put them here. As of now, I am working on my AP art history homework and boy am I exhausted! (last photo) The shirt that I'm wearing is actually my friend Sydney's old shirt but I love using it. Photos 5,6, 7 are things I use to make my fashion creation. One being my sewing machine, my pens for fashion illustration, and last but not least my mannequin. 

It's already monday again. The weekend went by so quickly and here comes another busy week. Tomorrow's a conference schedule at my school meaning shorter day. I'm excited to spend my dinner with my filipino buddies who I have not hang out with in a while! Well, that's it for now- See you guys soon and let me know what you guys think about these photos!  xx

OH! And before I go, I just saw this picture of my sister on her blog wearing my handcrafted headpiece... yes it's zipper with an abstract "coral" design. Enjoy! (Disregard the silly face.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fashion at LaGuardia High School

Just thought I'd share that after taking our "Senior Pictures" for the yearbook for my highschool, I never really noticed that everyone's style looked amazing in their own way. Going to an art school, everyone is accepted by how they're dressed- "obnoxious" or not. The style ranges daily and to think that it's "streetwear" or just outfits going to school is quite amazing. Most girls wear heels from time to time and some work it and others... well they're almost there. Regardless everyone has a little fashionista in them! Especially at Laguardia High School. 

 These are just some pictures that I took, hope you guys liked them. Enjoy! xx
Btw Check out my friend Sydney's blog HERE.