Sunday, October 3, 2010

Glitter and Glam.

Blech, I have a really bad headache right now. And there's no one to blame it on except for myself. This is due to my lack of consistency with my work ethics. 

So when I feel like I need to take a break, I go to my roof and take silly pictures with my sister (as you can see from the previous post). As lame as it sounds, it actually takes my mind off of school and all those things that bombard you with stress.

As of now, I have 5 days worth of AP Art History Homework, Health ( which I think isn't that necessary), Psychology, and Current Events HW. Joy of Procrastination.

Here are some photos I took of Alyanna. Enjoy.

Headband: DIY
Fur: Vintage
Leggings: Intermix
Necklace: Forever21
Shirt: Mine (Thrifted)
Clutch: Mom's Closet
Shoes: Steve Madden


  1. love the touches of fur and alligator and textured shoes. amazing!

    following you now :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Following you back!

    Love these shots, the fur is awesome.

    xo S

  3. Hi Jose :)
    thank you for your lovely comment in my Tokyoblondes :) !

    I love love love love your blog and your big sense of style, you're great !
    Now I follow you because I'm seriously falled in love with your style

    hope to see you again in my blog :)

  4. love love love the look and those wedges are hot!!!!