Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anna Dello Russo: Fashion Week Wardrobe

Anna Dello Russo: "Lady Gaga for me- My hero".

Anna Dello Russo with Carine Roitfeld wearing Balenciaga.

Yves Saint Laurent

 Tommy Ton's shot of Anna in a pre-fall 2010 Prada
Getting ready for the Vogue Paris Ball.

Her style is just so fun and I love the chunky pieces from her closet. Everything looks sexy on her and it doesn't "collide" with her age. She's inspirational and her taste is magnificent. I love how towards the end of the video she states that she'll rather just wear shoes if she had to choose one thing from her closet. She says that she can be naked but with the right pair of shoes. Everything from her closet looked stunning and bold on her. Not to mention, her latest headpieces. 

Photos and Video from http://www.annadellorusso.com


  1. Goodness. That second picture is absolutely to DIE for...

    Well then you must run and get Harper's, just make sure you don't pick up the cover with Amanda on it ; )

    xo S

  2. I DIE for ANNA!!
    LOVE all the images and loved watching the
    video you posted!! Thanks for the sweet
    words and look forward to next post! ; )



  3. I love her... ur blog is amazing!

  4. she is seriously one of my all time fashion IDOLS. i just about died when i saw this video - is it weird that i keep watching it over and over? : )

    thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!! im seriously loving yours - so much inspiration and originality. following!



  5. she's insane in the absolute best way. love to see what she's wearing!

    (doing an erin wasson ring giveaway on my blog - stop by if you're interested!)

  6. Check out that YSL glamour. Love the look. Amazing style.


  7. Ugh, I absolutely love fashion people. This is the life.


  8. I love her!!! She's always look stunning. I also love the way she talks about fashion, so passion and enthusiastic. And btw she seems to be very nice woman with a sense of humor.

  9. I'm seriously obsessed with ADR. Badly! I swear if I ever have her near me, I may just run up to her and squeeze her. Yeah, it's that bad. She just really really invigorates and inspires me.