Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh the truth hurts and lies worse

I wanted to have a post that consisted of things that captivates my attention when I'm in my room. So there's the colored version which will be on this post and black and white version which will be on the next. I don't know why I'm separating them but I feel that the images portray a different "feeling" with each category. 

The first few images are things that are hanging on or near my wall. Masquerade painting from Philippines, Magazines near my bed, and artwork that I've done such as my painted version of the Juicy Couture Ad... yes, I did sprinkle some sparkly beads to elevate the colors. 

The rest of the images consist of "design" Such as color tones from my bed, my sister's ring box, my collection of sequins and beads that I use for embellishing my designs, and the last is a textile of a dress I am currently working on. But I have not had time to focus on it too much because of college applications so it's just hanging on my mannequin as of now.

Hope you guys enjoyed these images :) More coming soon. 


  1. You have an incredible and inspiring room! I wish it was mine xo

  2. you have such an amazing room, you make me want to star mine over again