Friday, October 15, 2010


So much to say and I'm letting it out here.

The past few days have been nothing BUT stressful. Arguments and accusations with "friends" about nonsense have pushed me to the edge of breaking down this week. I guess it was also triggered by other elements that just made me so self conscious and think about how people from my school viewed me as. It has never been like this before and I don't want to get too much into detail but lets put it like this- I thought it was okay to just completely let myself be so open that I just felt so comfortable without realizing that some individuals were actually making fun of me behind my back. I have done nothing wrong except be so friendly and associate myself with them in a properly manner.

I've learned so much the past few days even though the situations do not seem to be too significant. But it has taught me to be a bold individual and think clearly of how I would be affected as time progresses. It has also taught me to be cautious when I do favors for others because even though it is nice to always share and give, it might not always turn out the way I want it to be and the worse part is that I get blamed for it and forces me to think about what I have done wrong.

Enough about stupid drama. I have come to a conclusion that maybe deactivating my facebook account would be appropriate at this moment, not necessarily because of what's been mentioned above but because I feel that it is a perfect time for me to figure out my priorities. I want to be able to focus more on my craft and what I am truly passionate about. My first application is due in less than 2 weeks (time given) for Fashion Institute of Technology for Fall Admission. Even though I have done so much preparation for this portfolio, it cannot be used because the rules are so specific- so I'm basically back to step 1. Drawing desired croquis and have a proper design thought process. I don't have a problem with doing everything because it's what I love doing- one problem though. Why is it that it's due in 2 weeks? 

There- I feel better just writing it all out in here because I felt that I had so much to say. Back to the point of this photo- I am wearing an Urban Outfitters Shirt, thrifted leather jacket and Aldo boots. 


  1. OMG! i really love your the color and the texture of your jacket! :D

    I hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    GENIE :D

  2. Yeah, that is one amazing jacket. You've got great style!

  3. Don't worry Jose, things will be better next week.
    I like these shots. Very cool.

  4. oh jose, the world, especially the fashion industry, is full of people like that. and the best thing to do is rise above them with your dignity intact. you have one of the best jackets in town anyway. :D


  5. Hi dear,
    you're welcome :) ! I loved a lot that outfit !
    This is also nice, this jacket rocks !

    Thank you for comment :D


  6. Love your outfit.
    Were are you studing fashion? I want to study in NYC too.


  7. Sorry, I read you are studying in FIT. But what are you specially studying?


  8. JOSE!!!!!!!! I LOVE YER JACKET! very gareth pugh! omg

  9. love the jacket...great find!

  10. great jacket.

    Are you Filipino?