Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flea Market on the Upper West Side.

       I love unexpected visits to flea markets- simply because "hidden treasures" can always be found. Whether it'd be from a vintage jewelry to discounted handbags or antique belongings to one-of-a kind garment, it never hurts to take a peek at it. Or does it? I found many pieces to be something that could have been entitled to be a part of my belonging. But some were quite expensive. 

Crafted "silverware"sculpted to support a placement for different types of stones.

Beaded jewelry that can simply transform and elevate any outfit to something more glamorous.

I love sea creatures, but this cost $26 just for the pendant. Sad to say that I was broke at the moment. It was either that or my Armadillo bag.

I adore harem pants especially when people can rock it with bold color tones and exotic prints.

My friend Flora and I discuss my purchase of an Armadillo bag made in Mexico.

Vintage bag from Saks Fifth Ave. made from ostrich leather.

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