Monday, December 13, 2010

Send me on my way.

As I was looking through my Iphoto albums, I saw pictures during the summer and remembered how much I miss the warm weather. Less layering, more skin and vibrant colors. Now that it's December, we're expecting heavy wind, snow, and of course the temperature to drop lower day by day. Not to mention, dry skin calling for lotion to moisturize. hah. Well, sometimes I love the cold weather only when I'm sipping on hot chocolate and listening to melodious songs. So that's why I made a new playlist that you're probably listening to now. 

So here are some photos that I saw that made me miss wearing those shorts and low vnecks. But then again, I loved that oversized jacket from Neiman Marcus that I borrowed from my aunt back in Indiana. 

Oh, by the way, I got really bored with my banner and decided to change it. I know they're not necessarily taken with a quality camera. In fact, I took it with my macbook on various days, but I liked the outfits I wore..... so was it a complete fail or just blah? Let me know guys! xx

The first few photos are taken by Sydney


  1. I love your jacket in the last picture!!! Looks damn cozy! And in the first picture, that bracelet looks killer!!!

  2. LOVE that first outfit. I love adding a scarf to outfits, its so easy but makes it heaps more stylish.