Monday, January 3, 2011

something new.

2010 has been a different year for me personally and in the things I do. I have matured in different ways both in my personality and my motivation as an aspiring designer. I have taken more risk that I know I probably would not have had when I was younger. I have gotten closer with old friends and have met some wonderful people that have truly inspired me. Despite all the struggles and misunderstandings, I have always been surrounded with people who care and helped make things better.

I just wanted to thank all the people both in the industry and my personal life for sticking up and always encouraged me to be stronger. you know who you are. Thank you for believing in me and for pushing me.  I'm so excited to see what 2011 brings. 

These are just a few pictures that I really liked from a party I went to on New Years Eve. I did not see one person who did not look good, or maybe I was just too wasted to even bother. All jokes aside, it was evident that most people looked stunning in different styles. I remember complimenting my friends Flora, Audrey, and Molly (photo 1,3, and 8) and they all told me that their dresses were from H&M, so big kudos to H&M for being fabulous! Not to mention, my sister is wearing a striped shirt/dress I bought her for christmas, also from H&M. 

Well, that's all for now. I'm writing this and it's almost 4.. and in just a couple of hours I have school. 
Jose C.


  1. happy new year, j. i hope 2011 becomes a good year for you and that you bloom more as a designer. you have a future ahead of you. and you're right, all the people in that party look stunning.

  2. CHEERS to the New Year and to fabulous dressed friendsies! I hope the best for you in the years to come as a designer! i absolutely love your blog!


  3. love these party photos ! happy new year ! What camera do you use? I love the effects in the pictures !


  4. i love the last two photos! everyone looks fabulous.

  5. Everyone looks fabulous!! It must have been a good time <33

  6. Wow they all lok so great! What party did you go to?