Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rachel Zoe’s “I Die” for Harper’s Bazaar

Can I just say that this is ACTUALLY pretty intense right now? Marc Jacobs "frying" her, Vera Wang adding some poison in her drink, Francisco Costa getting ready to strangle her, Bryan Atwood about to stab her with heels, Michael Kors burying her alive in a pile of accessories.. can it get any better?

This is pretty much pure genius for "I DIE" moments especially for a spread in the new September Issue of Harper's Bazaar. 

Pictures taken from Fashionist


  1. what a great pictures.., I really love the first one with marc jacobs..|!
    I foolow you...

  2. what a great ed - true story telling

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  4. I saw this editorial a while ago and laughed my ass off. I can imagine how much fun Rachel had when she was shooting this.