Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jeremy Laing Spring 2011 Show

Jeremy Laing's collection surprised me with his different use of materials- such as cashmere and leather. The focus was mainly on the texture and the way it drapes. I loved the different variation of silhouettes- one of them being the pieces that were short on the front and long on the back. Another would be the intricate use of asymmetrical patterns. Besides the textures, the color tones also captivated my attention- ranging from the sun-kissed mandarin orange to the pale smokey grey. 

I asked him about his inspiration and he told me about the flags across the street from his apartment. He talked about the way it draped, moved, and all that good stuff. This is evident from the delicate tailoring. From what I saw backstage before dressing the models, Jeremy Laing is limitless. He had different pieces such as shorts, pants, shirts, long sleeves as well as short, and so much more. 

"You can have all the vision you want for the season, but we're pragmatic about it. We need a broad assortment and a range of prices — lots of jersey, knitwear, adding leather for more luxury, and being well-rounded and having something for everyone."- Jeremy Laing (
I also asked his sister if he's always been interested in fashion and she told me that he's been sewing ever since he was a teenager- constantly watching his mother sew garments.
I loved working with the Jeremy Laing team because they were very welcoming and I guess it is because I also quickly fell in love with the pieces as soon as I saw them, and dressed Edythe Hughes and Simone Carvalho. I hope I get to work with them again in the near future- hopefully next season!
Here are the photos I took from backstage. Enjoy.

Me and Jeremy Laing

Some of the looks from the collection: Photos from Fashionologie

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  1. Wow I love this collection, my favorite are those leather shorts. Btw, that is awesome how you worked with Rad Hourani. Wow, I love every single piece from that collection and I would totally wear them all :).