Thursday, September 16, 2010

Military Field

I love the new military trend and the many ways that it can merge with many looks. Start with key pieces and build from there and always think about the color tones, whether it'd be moss green, camel, beige, and pair it with neutral colors. Top it off with a nice blazer or military boots to accentuate your style.

Here is a great example of a great outfit from a friend of mine. 
Ariel's black dress covered with a moss green mesh top looks amazing with her bold wedged boots.
I love the stretched knitwear- so edgy.

TWINS?! and no we didn't plan this out.
DIfferent ways you can incorporate the military trend in your outfit. Sonia pairs her sweater with jean shorts and cute brown sandals.

This is me wearing my sister's striped shirt.. SSH. I paired it with a brown leather jacket I got from a thrift store. 


  1. i love the military shooting of the girl :) and i like your outfit buddy ;)


  2. i love that knitted top super! and yes, the military trend is so desirable. love the muted tones and the embellishments.

  3. I love your stripy shirt and leather jacket, you look so cool Hun. x

  4. loving this inspiration
    thanks for sharing, keep up your great blog!
    and thank you so much for your comments, they mean the world to me!
    i'll be checking back for sure, want to exchange links?


  5. Love the military style! love you friends wedges!