Monday, September 13, 2010

Lincoln Center: Day 4

I haven't been to any shows at the tent, and as much as I'd like to,  it is honestly so much harder to "enter". I didn't want to leave without getting some photos, so even though it was rainy and cloudy, I waited around for a little while. Most of these photos are taken after Diane Von Furstenberg's Spring 2011 Show.
Check out these DSquared bone heels

Anna Wintour. Sorry guys I am still getting used to this camera.
Sarah Jessica Parker

Andre Leon Talley
Ming Xi


  1. Awesome blog!!!!! Just discovered you and so glad I did:)

  2. i love the girl with that colorful coach bow tie. she has a cute outfit.

  3. they are all so beautiful. stunning girls!<3

  4. What fabulous photos!!! You are really out there (even in the rain!!!) Seriously you are awesome!!! Love the ones of Sarah Jessica and of course the models!!
    Big kisses
    xo The Beckerman Sisters