Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Valerie was such a feminine girl who was full of joy and happiness. I enjoyed partaking in a conversation with her as if we were having brunch- almost like we were bestfriends, talking about boys and such. I complimented her mix of patterns because I did not see much during that day. All I saw were muted and dull tones, and as soon as I saw this, I was delighted. She denied by saying that she did not have much time in the morning to think of what to wear because she was somewhat frustrated. But even if you were frustrated, it still made a pretty cool combination.. Right? Thin stripes, geometric patterns, and delicate floral prints were discovered in her outfit- finished with white cutout sandals. The blazer was a great choice, because this addition toned down the collision between the top and the pants. The two different bold patterns can strike violently and destroy the whole look. 

Shoes: Nine West
Clothes: Old Navy
Jacket: Prague
Ring: Yvone Christa on Mercer St. 

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