Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture Collection

        John Galliano's "nature inspired" haute couture collection for Dior displayed a fresh appearance-exploded with vibrant colors and overpowering textures. The collection that were seen at the Musee Rodin presented work that was seductive yet full of elegance.

"His basic reference point was Christian Dior's 1953 spring collection, which introduced the "tulip line" and included floaty prints. you could also see the influence of photographers-- Irving Penn and Nick Knight, chiefly- who were beguiled by the colors and structures of flowers."
-New York Times Cathy Horn      


Anna Selezneva

Jessica Stam

Maria Kashleva and Yulia Kharlaponove

Sigrid Agren

Nastya Karzan
Magdalena Frackowia
Thana Kuhnen

Michaela Kocianova

Maryna Linchuk

Georgina Stojilkovic

Maria Kashleva
Delicate fabric with color tone changes

Karlie Kloss

Kim Noorda

 Delicate fabrics were used as we see in the pictures provided. Each look is intensely driven by the dramatic structures and unexpected color combinations. The cellophane bouquet wraps formulate a coordinated look as it gives off the same "floral garden" sense- especially with its transparent color.

"Part of his research involved studying real flowers, spending an hour watching the light change on a parrot tulip, for instance. That partly explained the collection's wonderful colors, especially the vibrancy of the dégradé effects"
-Style.com Tim Banks

             It's not surprising that floral and nature can be used as an inspiration, but what excites me is the way that its been properly incorporated into the designs and the garments. It was not only seen in the color palettes and patterns, but the techniques used to construct the dresses- ruffling and layering just to mention a few. Which are all seen in the importance of a flower's growth in nature. 

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