Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jeena's Family Restaurant

I am filled with gratitude towards Jeena and her family as she welcomed me and a few other friends to devour a few filipino dishes. I have just met Jeena during that day, from meeting up with Audrey and Jon, and decided to offer us a free meal at her family restaurant called "Mama Meena's". Her mom was so welcoming and greeted us warmly. We went towards the back next to the T.V. that showed filipino channels and they took our orders right away. Aside from our small talks and outbursts of laughters, everyone enjoyed the food. It was a hot day, but our server always supplied us with cold beverages. We started off with Lumpia Shanghai served with sweet chili sauce, which was delicious and crispy. Other than that, we ordered food for the whole table. This includes, Crispy Pata which I didn't get a chance to taste because I wasn't in the mood to grab it from the other side of the table. haha. We also had Pork and Chicken Barbeque and Pansit Palabok. I loved the appearance of the Palabok that Audrey enjoyed mixing. I ordered chicken barbeque, and I was very satisfied with its texture and I could tell everything was fresh and cooked with passion. It wasn't dry and it was marinated well that I couldn't stop from consuming it. 

We were all served with Sago at Gulaman which is a drink that is mainly made out of sugar and "sago and gulaman." I have no other words to describe it, but all i know is that everytime I'm at a Filipino restaurant I always order this because it makes me feel at home. It wasn't overly sweet, but it definitely quenched my thirst. If anyone is in the mood for some very good filipino cuisine, I suggest trying this place out. Not to mention that it is affordable as well. Jeena gladly offered as desert, and I was SO ready to order Flan but I was full. I'm sure that I will come back for more though!

Mama Meena's
94-20 Jamaica Ave
Between 94th & 95th St.
Woodhaven, NY 11421
Neighborhood: Richmond Hill
(718) 696-8882


  1. Wow, wow, wow! This sounds great, another restaurant that would hopefully promote Filipino cuisine valiantly. Our food is superbly unique, contrary to false notions that we simply copied. It's great to hear this. I hope the resto makes it big!!! :)

    Joaquin of