Thursday, July 8, 2010

Silicone, Saline, Poison, Inject me, Baby

These photos were actually taken at the Zara fitting room. Only because I had nothing else better to do because Christian Stroble no longer needed my assistance at a set during a fashionshoot editorial. I was just strolling around downtown and found myself roaming around Zara and carelessly trying on things I personally liked. 

Jose Camacho
White tee: American Apparel
Shorts:  Thrift Store
Top: Zara
Boots and glasses: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Lost and Found
Metal necklace: Borrowed from Fernanda Medina


  1. this outfit is stunning, I especially love your military boots :D

  2. hey ! really nice blog !
    i like this outfit ! i'll come back :)
    see u

  3. JOSE
    You definitely have an eye for style, you look amazing, I'm sure people will take a double look whenever they pass by you, you are fabulous, ps: thank you so much for your wonderful comment and it is truly an honour to have finally 'met' you, xoxo, J

  4. thank you jemina! same goes for you :)
    I love how you collaborate different patterns and bold jewelries together and make something beautiful out of it

    Nice to have finally "met" you too haha
    Jose C.