Sunday, July 4, 2010

Say you won't but don't leave me standing.

Francesca Vuillemin and Brice were very easy and enjoyable to talk to because of their pleasant welcoming. I enjoyed conversing with them about whatever there was to talk about. The combination of the two was very pleasing to the eye. Bold colors occurred but in such a calming way. The mustard tone of Brice's pants (from H&M) looked amazing next to the cool checkered baby blue skirt that Francesca wore. 

Brice's outfit was very well put together. His shoes are greek sandals from Athens. His folded jeans gave it a "laid back" look and his graphic tee made it look effortless. But with the addition of the blazer, he still looked classy.

I did not notice the heels in Francesca's shoes until she presented them to me. They were so cute, but the structured heels gave it a hint of an edgy twist. The skirt reminded me of something that would be in Christopher Kane's Spring 2010 collection due to its pattern. I loved how her blouse toned it down and made it look so feminine yet powerful. 

Shoes: Heavy Machine
Skirt: Helianthus
Top: Colette Ginnigan


  1. Hello, I'm Debora from TokyoBlondes :) thank you for your comment !

    I love your blog, it's amazing ! You take very greats pictures *_* I love to see them because they show the life and fashion.
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  2. They have a great style, they look so carefree, yet polished c:
    Lovely pics!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  3. Thank you!
    Yes they have a great style :)