Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shell shock, Fall back, Anyone I see through.

Alice Spies is currently interning for Opening Ceremony. I passed by her on my way home from the Upper East Side when I took a glance at her bag and quickly fell in love with it. I loved her hair which adds to the tomboy-ish yet feminine style. I thought her whole outfit was so chic, mainly because of its muted color tones contrasted by the gold buttons and the rich color of her vintage bag. Her Ralph Lauren blazer was my favorite other than the bag. It delivered a preppy yet hipster look. The tailoring was similar to a classic men's style and the labeling of the brand was just exquisite. Her rings reflected a different style which I found pleasing because they were delicate but robust.

Alice Spies
Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Bag and Shoes: Vintage
Rings: Boyfriend's


  1. I love your outfits and specially the red bag !!!!

  2. haha thank you! this isn't me though I just take pictures of people but from time to time you'll see a picture of me... The latest post is actually of me :)